Free shipping Prevent scratching the car accessories 100% carbon fiber B-pillar window trim covers for Maserati Levante 2016 up


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How to distinguish authentic carbon fiber?
1、Surface:Clear texture ,Surface Treatment UV,Ultrathin and polish,smooth and bright, perfect radian
2、Back:You can also see the weave pattern of carbon fiber on the back, which does not cover any plastic material
3、Thickness:The thickness of real carbon fiber is 0.5mm,Poor quality carbon fiber thickness is more than 1.0mm
4、Weight:The real carbon fiber is light in weight and good quality, but inferior one is heavy
5、Characteristics:Non-fading,Waterproof and moisture proof,Excellent impact resistance, high heat resistance,Wear resistant and anti dirty

Installation step:
1、Wipe and clean the installation position
2、Align the product with the installation position,(notice:pls do not open the 3M tape at first)
3、Pls make sure the installation position is no problem,then tear 3M tape.
4、Press tight for 20 seconds and install completed.
5、Do not move the product or wash the car, don't touch the water for 24 hours after installation
We focus on carbon fiber composites in the automotive field,and we are Professional manufacture of authentic high-end carbon fiber decorations.All products are based on the original four-dimensional data scanning 1:1 mold.The following products are made of 100% carbon fiber material,the back side of the product does not cover any PVC material to make thin product and light weight,perfer installation and nice surface.

Pls kindly confirm your car model number and which year ,thanks.

For Maserati Levante Carbon Fiber B Pillars Window Trim

Item:Carbon Fiber B Pillars Window Trim

100% Brand New & High Quality

Material:Carbon fiber

Package 2 pcs

Perfect For Maserati Levante 2013 up

Top car modified carbon interior trims for your car!

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3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl



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Carbon Fibre

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Carbon Fiber Protector

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Not Packaged

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for Maserati Levante 2016 up


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