12V Car SUV Keyless Entry Engine Start Auto SUV Keyless Alarm System Push Button Remote Start Stop Auto Car Accessories Tool


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Product Name: Car SUV Keyless Entry Engine Start SUV Keyless Alarm System Push Button Remote Starter Stop Auto Car Accessories Tool
Ambient temperature: -40C°-+80C°; atmospheric pressure 86-106KPa
Relative humidity: 10%-95%
Working voltage: DC12V +/- 3V
High frequency: 433.92MHZ, low frequency: 125KHZ

1. One button to start, one button to turn off.
2. The remote control is started, the remote control is turned off, the countdown is turned off for 10 minutes, and the remote control starts to automatically lock the door.
3. Keyless entry, PKE function. Remote control 3D encryption technology, hundreds of millions of rolling passwords, safe and reliable. 3D sensing antenna, 360 degree no dead angle, no jump lock, signal stability.
4. Oil pump detection function, foot brake detection function, motor protection function.
5. Anti-theft function:
a. After the sensor function is turned on, the remote control is not in the sensing range and the vehicle cannot start normally. After 2 minutes of flameout, the door will automatically enter the arming (without locking the door) even if the door is not closed.
b. When driving, the remote control leaves the vehicle. When the parking is turned off and the door is opened, the system immediately enters the anti-theft state, and the vehicle cannot be used normally again unless the remote control appears in the sensing range. c. After the vehicle enters the anti-theft state, it will illegally step on the brakes, and the car will make a 25-second horn to sound the alarm.
d. In the anti-theft state, if the alarm is triggered, when the unlocking is released, the horn will beep 3 times (the silent state speaker does not sound), prompting the vehicle to trigger an alarm.
e. Turn off the fire and unlock the state. Press the remote control to enter the silent mode. If the alarm is triggered, the speaker will not beep. When you need to exit the silent mode, press the unlock button once, then press
6, the central control door lock automation (car lock, lock off lock)
5. Remotely open the rear tail box (requires the original car with its tail box motor)
6. Remote car search (trumpet beep, direction light flashing prompt)
7. Roadside parking flashing warning function
8. After the door is locked, the door triggers the alarm prompt function.
9. Remote unlock/close lock
10. PKE keyless comfort entry function, automatic unlocking near the car 1.5-3 meters, leaving the car 3-5 meters automatic lock door
11. PKE induction temporary shutdown function
12. RFID identification
13. Anti-theft alarm function (Illegal opening of the door, stepping on the foot brake to trigger the alarm prompt)
14. Engine engine lock function (the vehicle cannot be started in the car after the door is locked)
15. After starting, step on the foot brake to automatically lock the door, and automatically turn off the lock when the flame is turned off.
16. Start automatic lock and automatically unlock when flameout
17. Original car horn alarm prompt (can add alarm horn)
18. Power failure memory
19. Emergency reset function
20. Remote start 10 minutes timed flameout

Product List:
1*SUV Keyless Alarm System
2* remote control
1* vibrator
1* ignition wire
1* function line
2*LED indicator line
2* low frequency antenna
1* ignition button
1* instruction manual

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