Fits for Great Wall Hava H6 H8 H7 Car Accessorie Intelligent Electric Tailgate Modified Car Trunk Support Rod Tail Door Switch


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Fits for Great Wall Hava H6 H8 H2 H7 car accessorie intelligent electric tailgate modified car trunk support rod tail door switch

Applicable models :
Fits for Great Wall Hover H6 Electric Tailgate 2017+
Fits for Great Wall H2 electric tailgate 2017
Fits for Great Wall H6 Coupe Electric tailgate 2015-2017
Fits for Great Wall Harvard H7 electric tailgate 2016
Fits for Great Wall VV7 electric tailgate 2017+
Fits for Great Wall Hover H8 2016
Particular year:
Please note: Does the tail door lock have electric suction
The original car has an electric tailgate that is not suitable for installation.
Due to the large number of products, the following product descriptions are general-purpose, and the actual arrival products are mainly model models. Different models have different appearance colors, and the functions are the same at that time.
1 year warranty
Specializing in the production and development of automotive electric tailgates for 10 years, the stores are all over China, Japan, Korea, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, etc. In the global business development, we look forward to working with you, I suggest you choose us. Thank you

Why install an electric tailgate?

A. Dirty back door has too much dust
B: Carrying heavy objects.
C: Weather causes when the weather is cold or hot.
D: The back door is too high.
E: The tailgate is too heavy and the door is not strong enough.
Inconvenient when opening or closing the tailgate door for other reasons

core function

1. Remote control switch tailgate
2. Driver position control tailgate door switch
3. Install the close button on the trunk door
4. The original tailgate button opens the electric tailgate.
5. The tailgate opening height Setting
6. Safety anti-pinch function
7 No damage to installation mode
8. Special design and customization
9. When the electric tailgate is opened and closed, a warning sound will be issued.
10. One year warranty service

Multiple control methods Use the original car button and the add button to control the electric tailgate to open and close

A. Remote control

Unlock key press three times, open / close tail door.

B. Driver’s position(retrofitting)

Button to turn on / off the electric back door.

C. Tail door button(retrofitting)

Press the button to close the electric tailgate.

D. Tail door button

The original rear tail button opens the tailgate

Electric tailgate function introduction

1.Original car remote control switch electric tailgate
(Press the unlock button 3 times to turn on/off the electric tailgate,In some models, the unlocking button is pressed for 3 seconds to turn the electric tailgate on/off.)
2. The original car button opens the electric tailgate
3. Rear tail box (refit) electric tailgate dedicated button, close the electric tailgate (some models are different shapes)
4. Driver’s side position electric tailgate dedicated button (installation) to open/close the electric tailgate

Anti-pinch / anti-collision, security Automatic detection of obstacles and automatic reverse operation.

Smart chip, compatible with 99% of models.

Freely set the height of the required electric tailgate. Press and hold the tailgate for 5 seconds to remember the appropriate tailgate height.

Low energy consumption silent operation

The tailgate of the car is not closed, or other abnormalities, there will be a drip alarm sound

Double motor, synchronous operation, stronger bearing capacity

Open/close the leg sensor of the electric tailgate (some models, not applicable) Need extra purchase

1. Induction foot kicks and the tail box will open automatically.
2. User-friendly design, the temple opens within a safe distance (60-80 cm).
3. Improve your taste and improve your quality of life.
4. Using the Automotive Electronic Tailgate kicking, the trunk can be opened simply by waving a foot under a sensor, making it enormously convenient when carrying a load of shopping.
5. Wiring method:
Green: output GND
red: B/UP
Black: GND
Yellow: ACC
Note that the ACC can be tested before connecting.
The green is connected to the control line of the original rear door switch. Note the switch on the license plate.
Note that the sensor double-sided tape is facing down. Not through the wire. Also pay attention to the time of the kick, kick only a second and so on 2 seconds.

Inner tailgate (additional) electric tailgate dedicated button(Some models have different shapes)

Due to the large number of models, this page is only an example of some models. Please refer to the specific product and quantity (the use of the electric tailgate function is not affected). Please understand, thank you

Other more models of installation and product display, other models can contact customer service, we developed more than 500 models, thank you


Installation problem

We recommend looking for a professional garage repair technician installation

product quality

Before the product leaves the factory, after 7 days of testing, before the delivery, we will check the accessories and the power-on test to ensure the quality of the products.


the packaging is packed in a foam box and a carton


We will arrange delivery within 3 days
Countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries choose commercial express delivery to reach the local area for 5-25 days.
Japanese Customs Singapore and other Asian countries, we recommend E-EMS, 5-25 days to reach the local
Israel can recommend EMS, 5-25 days to reach the local
China Post Airlines Big Bag, 15-60 days to arrive at the local
Time is used as a reference, and the special case time will be delayed.

I am very honored to serve you.

Additional information

Item Type

Trunk Lock Release Switch

Material Type

Alloy plastic

Special Features

Luggage tailgate electric switch

Item Width


Item Weight


Item Length


Item Diameter


Item Height



As described

External Testing Certification


Model Name

Luggage tailgate electric switch


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